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Jesse K. Case

Creative Director

Jesse Case is the Creative Director of Skygate Media and has been the driving force behind the company’s success and continuous growth.

Jesse spent 2 years with UBS Financial Services before leading the design team at Skygate. As Creative Director, Jesse has the accountability for delivering to clients their unique, technologically superior, creative and audience-appropriate online graphical content. He establishes the creative direction of the company and of projects, leads and inspires the team of designers and project managers, and ensures quality control throughout all company processes. Jesse spends his time researching competitive sites, and developing simple, clean and highly effective sites which blend artistic creativity, technological sophistication, operational efficiency and marketing impact. Jesse exemplifies the concept which underlies Skygate Media’s unique ability to deliver online excellence.. – “every pixel has a purpose”

Kani Leung

Project Management, Director

Kani Leung plays a crucial role in the success of Skygate Media in delivering excellence to its clients. She oversees with the Creative Director in managing the design, development and delivery of projects.

She works as a liaison between clients and the Skygate team, ensuring constant communication and effective collaboration on projects from start to finish. Kani leads initial meetings, identifies business objectives as well as media buying strategies for clients and finalizes web design / marketing proposals with the Sales Team. She handles information architecture with the design team, engages in user interface and testing to ensure all projects launch smoothly. Kani joined Skygate Media in 2008. During her time with Skygate she has handled CMS related, database driven projects with extensive sitemap, such as Chicago Tribune online newspaper development project, New York Yankee interactive memorabilia site,, ASC Process Systems and Diablo Sports.

Paul Cristea

Senior Developer / Architect

Paul Cristea leads the technical development efforts at Skygate Media. He works collaboratively with Project Managers, Media Developers, and other Application Programmers to meet project requirements.

He leads proactive planning and implementation of enterprise-level web solutions, develops content managements strategies/solutions that are scalable, user-friendly and easily adaptable for control by client personnel. He also develops technical strategies for effective sharing of content across multiple channels. Paul’s career includes work in technical support and web development at Innovative Network Solutions, as well as service as a Senior Developer/Mobile web Developer at Crumpeta Consulting in Stamford.

Jeff Klein

Video Engineer / Animation

Jeff Klein is responsible for the creation of video for Skygate Media. Duties include motion graphics, editing, and visual FX.

Throughout his career he has a worked on a wide variety of projects, from sales presentations to special effects shots for feature films. At Skygate, Jeff has played a role in creating video for multiple clients, bringing life to existing storyboards, as well as playing a role in the conception process. Jeff is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, specializing in After Effects and Premiere. as well as implementing 3D applications like Maxon Cinema 4D. In addition to being largely involved in the post-production, editing, and graphics side of video, Jeff has also often played a role in the production and photography phase. Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Connecticut. Over the course of his career he has delivered video for web, television, digital billboards, DVD and Interactive Flash presentations. He has worked for top clients in multiple industries, including Yahoo!, United Healthcare, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Guess Waches, Sobieski Vodka, Riddell, USA Football and OpenSkies.

Victor Iorillo

Sound / Audio Engineer

Victor Iorillo is Skygate Media’s sound expert. Over the course of his career he has worked extensively in sound production for commercials, movies and television series.

He was nominated for the Motion Pictures Sound Editors prestigious Golden Reel Award for his work on Sound Effects on NBC-TV’s series “Life” in 2009. He won the Golden Reel and was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for Best Sound Editing on Mini-Series for Steven Spielberg’s Taken on the Sci-Fi Channel. Other television credits include Night Stalker, Roswell and the Magnificent Seven.

Christopher Iorillo

3D Graphics Modeling

Chris Iorillo leads Skygate Media’s state-of-the-art 3D Graphics Modeling and Rendering capabilities.He synthesizes 3D data models to create technologically rich, multi-dimensional web graphics. An Honors Graduate in Industrial Design, Chris has more than twenty years of professional experience. He was mentored by an internationally known high end 3D rendering technology developer. He has worked on high end presentations for trade show and sales material for Ford Motor Company & the New York Yankees Field of Dreams Collection, Mohawk Lifts and Mazda USA.

Mladin D. Kresic


Mladen Kresic is President and Chief Executive of K&R Negotiations, a consulting firm specializing in structuring and negotiating business transactions in the computer, Internet and other industries.Mladen has over 25 years experience negotiating business transactions both as a lawyer and a businessman. He has served as lead negotiator for numerous acquisition and divestitures, strategic alliances, joint development, licensing, strategic sales and outsourcing transactions.
Together with Harvey Rosen, Mladen authored the book “Negotiate Wisely”, a definitive guide to professional negotiations. He has developed numerous programs relating to negotiations, contracts, customer engagement strategies and other business subjects. He has been a guest lecturer at a number of distinguished institutions, such as the MIT Enterprise Forum, Yale University School of Business and a keynote speaker with the International Licensing Executives Society.

John Brubaker

Copywriting, Promotional

John Brubaker provides business consulting advice and copywriting services to Skygate Media. He has been a professional business writer for 27 years.John has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administrative Science from Yale. John has written more than 40,000 pages of business copy, including corporate speeches, web content and business plans. He is the co-author of two books, the more recent being NASD Arbitration Solution: Seven Principles to Protect and Grow Your Financial Services Practice, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in 2007. John was the co-creator of Yankee Fishing television series, which was the first television series on northeastern sports fishing to achieve national distribution.

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