in Chicago, IL


we had the Opportunity

One of the main problems with their old site was branding.  The logo, design and images were all generic.  Without reading the text, it was not at all clear what their company was in the business of selling.  Skygate Media understood what Gaucho Foods needed in order to gain a more effective online presence.

The newly designed logo is easy to recognize and has a high product association factor.  The new website creates a mouth-watering experience for clients.  Instead of stock images, there are now professional quality images of the various types of slow-cooked meats, and the content is showcased in a fun and dynamic way.


the Re-Design

The best websites are interactive; giving clients a reason to return and multiple ways to connect.  Gaucho Foods has a site that achieves this with a rotating list of recipes, social media connections, and a store locator function.  They know have a cutting edge design and a recognizable logo which leads to better business.

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