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Top marketing firms took notice when we first saw a demonstrated increase in the public’s reliance on mobile phones for web content.  The number of smartphone devices has quadrupled since May of 2011 and that amount is expected to climb dramatically by 2013.   As more and more businesses have found a high ROI in mobile marketing, the challenge for professional website designers has been to create the perfect balance between aesthetic sophistication of corporate branding and technical brilliance of mobile user-friendliness.  Thus, effectively delivering a large message on a small device.


A business that targets consumers needs to consider the importance of mobile compatibility as the notion of sitting at home computers to browse websites is becoming a smaller aspect of consumer behavior. They are becoming accustomed to having bite-sized pieces of information (whether it be products, services, or a directory that makes recommendations), all customized to suit their needs on their handy portable devices. In order to captivate consumers, the design and functionality of your mobile marketing needs to have to appeal to the target audience.

Skygate Media builds top corporate websites that have been specially optimized for mobile search marketing strategies by merge cutting-edge technology with high end mobile web design around specific products. These “niche markets” are then able to harness the capabilities of those “on the go”.


There are a variety of ways to attract your potential customers through a mobile device.  One way is through mobile search marketing.  Mobile search marketing has four basic components:  1. Mobile Friendliness, 2. Mobile Optimized, 3. Mobile Apps, and 4. Mobile E-Commerce.


Skygate Media has created some of the top corporate websites on the planet.  Since popularity helps build a brand, mobilizing your brand allows popularity to be built “on the fly.”

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