Enhancing the mobile UX

Releasing the power to mobile and let it fly.

Mobile Design and Development: Recommended Platforms

Design a Friendly Website,
Not a Smaller One.

The internet marketplace has become more competitive than ever before.  If you want to stay ahead of your competition, having a mobile web presence is imperative.  As a matter of fact, nowadays your target audience expects answers and solutions at their fingertips at a split second notice.  Our NY marketing team and website developers have the experience required to create an effective mobile friendly site.

Why Friendly?

According to recent studies, mobile web usage is expected to exceed desktop usage by 2013.  In order to attract visitors who search from their iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other wireless device, your website must be mobile friendly.

How Friendly?

A mobile friendly website makes your website more accessible to mobile users. When mobile users search from their Smartphone, they search from a much smaller screen than a PC. The width of a website is 960 pixels – compared to a mobile phone that’s only 300 pixels, therefore there is less space to send your message and therefore every word must count!!

The purpose

Skygate Media’s mobile development service extends out the boundaries of what is possible on mobile.  We design mobile friendly websites so that the same excitement or elegance that Flash can bring is brought to your target audience no matter when they are waiting in line for coffee in the morning, or laying comfortably in their bed at night.  Contact us and start being friendly.