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With so many choices out there in terms of style, design and functionality, we thought it would help our clients to see some basic information about three popular platforms for mobile applications: Iphone (IOS), Android and BlackBerry. Our web agency offers guidance on which platform is best for ideas or your products.


iPhone application platform (IOS iphone operating system) – The IOS is probably the leader in terms of ease of use.  First-timers and experienced users alike will have no problem learning the operating system but it is not easy to customize or multi-task.  There selection of apps was initially somewhat small but it has grown considerably to over 500,000, most of them having a consistent and sophisitaced design element (which is reflected in their price).


Android operating system – Owned by google, the Android operating system is an “open source software”  and it allows users to choose their carrier.  Android offers a large selection of apps, supports large screen and resolutions, and is, perhaps, most accommodating to a range of budgets.  It is also fairly easy to customize which is a definite advantage over the iphone operating system (IOS). However, some in the industry have said that it may be the most vulnerable to hacking.


The BlackBerry operating system is perhaps most linked with executives who rely on their ability to multi-task.  Thus, the notification system is a strong advantage because the executive needs to be able to check email or answer a call while listening to music or  playing a game.  The browser speed is slower and there is  a smaller selection of apps but the keyboard function is a winner in terms of ease of use for text entry and editing.

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In the end, each system has advantages and disadvantages but depending on the primary focus of the user, one system may serve more purposes than another creating the right fit.  We guide our clients through this process so it is tailored for the system that yields the best outcome.  Chat with our team to discuss the latest tech.