Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Reason: To Outperform Competitions

A successful SEO campaign starts with finding the best, most suitable set of keywords for your business.

2 basic criteria:

1. The amount of searches of the keyword/keyphrase
2. The amount of competition

By using one of the most insightful and powerful keyword searching and organizing tools, Skygate Media performs site traffic analysis to generate and suggest keyword list:

– Discover and apply long tail advantages
– Site theme understanding and listing related themes to contact related sites
– Keyword Analysis and link details creation
– Finding theme/industry related sites
– Quality check

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Skygate Media offers different SEO campaigns geared towards the nature of your website. A 6-month campaign offers a peace of mind solution.  We help target your very specific demographic markets.  Our clients are nationwide and we assist their business to rank on Google and gain market share.  Receive a complimentary ranking report.