SEO Keyword Ranking

Quality Control Your Business – A Must.

Do you know where your site ranks on Google?  Many businesses depend on Google placements for traffic and leads.  Knowing and monitoring your search engine rankings is critical to generating profitable keywords and sales.

Skygate keyword ranking reports analyze the “Keyword Efficiency Index” (KEI) which is the ratio between “number of searches” and “competition”, to show you the best keywords to optimize.   In other words, we tell you whether you are getting “the most bang of your buck”.  The monthly ranking analysis report is included in our SEO campaigns.

Common Issues:

Google updates the algorithms regularly including the most recent Google Page Rank update.

Many performing sites with high page ranks might experience a low page rank, while others are showing a grey bar for their Page Rank. The grey bars are those websites which are penalized for one or another reason by Google.

Most of these website owners do not even know what spamming they were involved with for which they are punished. These sites are normally offered link farms, free for all or FFAs, or other spamming sites, consequently, these links do not carry any value now, subsequently decreasing the PRs of those websites involved.

Google penalizes those websites which have bad transitive effects due to their linking partners involved in spamming. It has therefore become very important to source theme relevant linking partners, but also to assess their current and past behavior for linking and performance within the Google search engine.

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Skygate Media offers different SEO campaigns geared towards the nature of your website. A 6-month campaign offers a peace of mind solution.  Interested in knowing what your website’s Page Rank and if you have become a spammer without knowing?  Receive a complimentary ranking report.