Viva la Print – Don’t Overlook the Value of Printed Media

Viva la Print – Don’t Overlook the Value of Printed Media

Understanding the value in printed media

While it is true that companies have to be mindful about their budget for marketing materials, it is wise not to overlook the lingering importance of printed materials. As ecommerce website design finds increasing ways to promote a business online, whether it be on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or even a refrigerator, top marketing firms still find impressive ways to reinforce their brand via good old-fashioned paper.
Here are five reasons why print just may live on:
1. Thanks to QR codes, print can be another medium towards directing traffic to your website. Thanks to the technology of a smartphone, the code can be scanned and it will take users either to a homepage or a page that specifically addresses a promotion that the printed media is advertising.
2. It’s easier to remain green. Advances in recycling make it easier than ever not to feel like you’ve used an entire trees’ worth of paper. It used to be cost prohibitive to print on recycled paper but this is changing due to demand for green alternatives.
3. Print is another way to reinforce a brand identity in a very tangible way. The tactile element of holding printed materials in the hand is very different than getting a flash of it online for the 15 seconds or so they are on a website.
4. Deliver your message to your niche. With careful research, printed materials can be sent to a specific target market. Much of the online marketing can be a wait and see approach of creating the content and waiting for consumers to visit your website or social media page to see it. There is a lot of competition for the eye online with features that keep website developers very busy (banners and pop-up ads), so the benefit of print is that it can get directly to the people.
5. Longer shelf-life. Looking at printed materials delivers your company message every time the eye passes it. The best marketing agencies have specific guidelines for how to make the content on printed materials generate a response.


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