Finding Business Opportunites On Line (not Online)

Recently our Creative Director, Jesse Case, and I were on line at an airport heading to a client meeting for a new web design project.

It was not a particularly fast-moving line, ok, it was practically moving backwards and people were starting to get antsy.  One gentleman was very concerned about missing his flight and asked someone if he could come in front of him to ensure that he would reach the gate on time.  He was refused.

After a few moments, Jesse offered the guy a spot in front of us on line.  This simple gesture done, in part, out of empathy (it could easily have been us), has led to a business connection that we could never have predicted.  This connection is proving to be a very mutually beneficial business relationship which, ironically, stemmed from a few people standing on line together.

With all the focus in creating an online footprint and social networking, this experience reminded me that sometimes it’s just about being a person out in the world and away from our screens.  Having made this connection the “old-fashioned way,” it was a great reminder to pay attention to experiences that happen in person.  Our motivation was certainly not to gain business from this man but it was an unintended benefit that we are grateful for.

Networking is sometimes most effective when our guards are down and we’re just being people.  The original online marketing.


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Christine F., Communications Director

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