11 Million Websites Have Been Removed from Google’s Directory. Are you one of them?

Domains Banned by Google

11 Millions Domains Blocked by Google

According to Wikipedia, “co.cc” is not an official hierarchy; it is a domain (co.cc) owned by a company who offers free subdomain redirection services.

Google commented that .co.cc domains are not authority approved TLD. They are “spammy” and “low quality”.

Report says, 5000 phishing attacks were hosted under .co.cc domains in the past 6 months.

Some of the organizations that took advantage of the free domain “.co.cc” offers and that could have been victims of such massive Google housekeeping campaign, are christian church, catholic church, cycling clubs, Canadian club, etc.

Many has reported on the internet that their .co.cc websites have not been showing up in Google search results. Many has invested thousands of dollars in search engine optimization.

If your legit website (non scammy non spammy) has been banned and would like a second chance, there is an option in Google Webmaster tool to “request reconsideration of your site”.

Unfortunately, we think that Google will not be unblocking these domains any time soon. Keep in mind, Google has spent the last two years, in full speed, making sure the web is a safe and fast place to look for information.

Purchasing a new domain is highly recommended.


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