3D Modelling Product Review – Best Graphics Card You Will Need

GTX 285 NVidia - Skygate's Pick

GTX 285 NVidia - Skygate's Pick

Product Review:  GPU for gaming and 3D modeling

There are a couple options for graphic cards that are supposed to be the end all be all solution for the gamer market.  The solutions now have presented themselves as a GTX580 from Nvidia and a 6990 from AMD.

We wanted to talk briefly about a segment of the market that also uses these cards for workstation purposes especially high poly count 3D modelling.

The problem with the current array of video cards is that the cards actually throttle back both in core clock speed as well as memory clock speed.

In one instance a GTX480’s number were cut in half after loading up a 3 D animator platform like Autodesk’s 3DS Max.

See, the gamer & 3 D modeler both share a common interest, if it isn’t obvious, 3 D modeling.

Agreed, there are those who would rather not delve into the limitless realm that is 3 D modelling however, a larger percentage do share an appreciation for 3 D modelling.

We have the solution:  Behold the almighty GTX285.  This card does not throttle back and is very easy to turn off the throttling problems inherent in the NVidia software using Rivatuner.


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