5 Most Effective YouTube Channel Site Design

YouTube Broadcast Yourself (or Your Business?)

The Influence of YouTube on Small Businesses

Aren’t we all lazier at some point, in this spinning tech world everyday?

We rely on our phone for news, we don’t usually remember our siblings phone numbers, because everything is available and ready at your fingertips.

Often times, people won’t have time to read through written content but they will take a break to watch a 2 minute video testimonial or a 10 minute presentation.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a small business owner, YouTube can have an enormous influence on a business.

Here are a few pros and cons of having a YouTube channel:


• Has the largest viewership.
• Easy to use. No high-tech equipment is required to upload your videos.
• It is free. You don’t have to pay a fee to distribute your videos.
• You can create a unique YouTube channel with a customized webpage design.
• You can easily embed videos on your website. You can customize the size and frame colors.
• Videos can be as long as 15 minutes (or longer).
• You can attract dozens of fans and generate traffic to your website.


• YouTube advertises various ads that can be distracting to your viewers.
• Video streaming can be a little sluggish during high traffic time periods.
• No customer support. If you have a technical issue, there is no customer support number to call.
• It can draw attention to your competition. Often times, related video clips will show up on Youtube from other companies within your industry.

Youtube is a great marketing tool to utilize and it can enhance your web image.

Having a customized webpage design to go along with your YouTube Channel look is somewhat important.

Here are our picks on the top 5 most effective YouTube Channel site design:

1. American Express – Solid (boring) background color, yet powerful enough to own sub pages within its Channel.
2. Samsung Televisions – Impressive graphic in the background which shows the connection between the ordinary TV and the popular networking lifestyle.
3. Bentley Motors – Cohesive branding strategy everywhere you see, the marketing, the feel, the products.
4. National Geographic – A graphically blended image tells a long store, nice color matching, too!
5. Kraft – Always our favorite.  High res food image, you just can’t say no.


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