6 things to do for your website this week – 3 Dos & 3 Don’ts

Business owners spend weeks and months to prepare the build and design of their business website. The most common mistake is ignoring the importance of site maintenance.

Today, we’d like to suggest 6 things you should do and shouldn’t do to protect your website.  These are important steps to maintain a fun, safe and fast browsing experience for your customers, so that your customers obtain necessary information easier and the website generates leads for you, too, faster.

Web Design Donts


Don’t Ignore Site Content

According to the recent Google updates, fresh content is a must for the search engines to apply importance to your website.  In other words, the more fresh content you have on your site, the more important the search engines think of you, the higher you rank on specific keywords in search results, the more likely your potential customers can find you.

Web Design Dos


Update regularly

There are 3 easy ways to update site content.  1. Yourself – consider adding a blog section to your website and calling it FAQs/ How-tos/ News.  Having full control over what to say and when to say is the most convenient way to keep site content fresh and interesting.  2. Your Customers – consider creating a Comments/ Ask the Expert section.  User generated content is free, also a great way to directly communicate with your customers.  3. Your web design firm – if you are too busy or are in an industry that user comment might not be appropriate/useful, request a web maintenance proposal from your web designer.

Web Design Donts


Don’t Ridiculously Focus on Meta Data

According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog – “Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking”, the importance of meta data of a website in terms of SEO ranking is long gone.  Creating eye catchy meta data description, however, will differentiate your website from others in a glance during a search, and will attract potential market without a further click.  Do not over do meta data (Title, Description, Keywords), many websites have overdone it and abused this system.

Web Design Dos


Study and Revise H1, H2 Titles Instead

This is a simple concept but is usually overlooked – the H1 and H2 titles should explain what you do, and this is basically what your potential customers will type into Google and search for your products and services.  Keep in mind – relevant content is key.  Some recent studies have shown that the giant search engine Google has applied more importance to H1 and H2.  Revise your titles today and see the difference in search results next week.

Web Design Donts


Don’t Forget about Web Hosting

Web hosting is usually the first thing to do.  After a website is set up, hosting companies will occasionally email you information on their new products.  Your website could be set up 10 years ago and is being hosted with the same company.  But, do you know if any features have been updated or removed?  Do you have an updated customer service hotline?  Are you over paying?  Do you have enough bandwidth?  These answers are not extremely crucial, but will definitely come in handy when your website gets in troubles, issues such as, hacking, expired software, infringement.

Web Design Dos


Simply Give your Hosting Company a Call

Web hosting is similar to leasing an office or renting a store for your business.  If you are concern whether the fire alarm works in your office, you should contact your web hosting firm.  Most importantly, find out whether you have a back up/restore feature on your hosting plan.  If no one picks up the customer hotline, you know it’s time to switch to a more reliable web hosting company.

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Happy 4th of July, now back to work and make sure your website is in perfect condition.


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Skygate Media recently completed a website re-design for my business, taking it from a basic informative site, to an interactive and visually impressive site. From my first conversations with them, I felt confident they had the right skills (both technical and design), and the marketing knowledge to build a website that would attract both new and returning clients. Their turn-around time was fast and they continue to advise, update, and correspond with me about how to get my website to work for me. I highly recommend them for these reasons.

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