A Fast, Responsive Website Can Boost Your Business

Excellent Web Design is Part of Doing Business the Right WayIf you run a business that depends on the strong relationships you develop with customers online, you need an efficient website that functions without complications and features solid design. The last thing you need is to develop a bad reputation with would be customers who become turned off to doing business with you because of poor web design.

For example, the first thing that online users notice is how quickly a web page loads. For a significant contingent of these users, 47 percent in fact, the expectation is that the page in question will load properly within two seconds. If it takes more than three seconds to load, 40 percent of prospective consumers will give up and go to another site.

When it comes to web browsing on the go and mobile applications development, users have a little more patience. But after five seconds, nearly three quarters of mobile users will go elsewhere, too. The principle remains the same. A fast, responsive design is essential.
In particular, the use of top flight mobile web design technologies is essential for the future success of businesses that have online operations. By the year 2014, it is expected that mobile devices will be the primary means of accessing the internet, as opposed to desktop computers.

Depending how you want to design your website, you may want to use Content Management Systems, particularly if you plan on blogging regularly on your site. In order to support the content published on your blog and other pages on your site, you will likely want to consider social media marketing management as an important component of your customer relations. After all, every week, more than 3.5 billion individual blog posts, links, and other content items are shared via Facebook. It makes sense to establish a presence in that capacity as well.

These are just a few aspects of web design to consider when making your business website a vibrant and relevant destination for customers online. If you have questions about Content Management Systems or suggestions about how to design business web sites well, continue the discussion in the forum below.


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