A few mistakes to avoid when incorporating web design

Getting into business with a web design group can the beginning of a long lasting business relationship or could lead to the demise of the company. Like with any relationship business or personal you must feel comfortable with whom you are working with. An uneasy relationship with a web designer can lead to many headaches, missed deadlines and poor work. On the other hand a successful relationship with your designer and developer can lead to new ideas and increased revenue.

1. Avoid the latest and greatest and stick with experience and knowledge. In the web design business longevity is sought after and prized. A start up can produce high end website design but may be unprofessional and inconsistent. Alternatively a older design firm can seem stale with old ideas and stubborn habits. Find one with a little bit of both to perfect the mix of experience and creativity

2. Stay away from firms that promise to do redesigns at a fraction of the price that the market indicates. They may be setting you up for future charges and additions to the site that should have been done initially. You get what you pay is an old moniker that stands true today. Cheap may sound good to the CFO but poor quality will surely follow

3. Be wary of web design firms that prey on newly founded companies with little or no knowledge of the industry you are actually in. Someone that designs fashion websites only may not be the best to develop a website for a medical supply company. Be sure that the high end web design you choose will serve your needs best

4. Be upfront with your companies needs and desires and how much you are willing to pay to meet those needs. BE specific to your web designer just like you would be to your accountant. Web designers are not miracle workers and if you don’t give them anything to work with they may not be able to provide the desired results you seek

There are several development and design groups that may seem like they fit the bill but only a few with be able to produce the work you truly seek and are willing to pay for.


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The work from the team at Skygate Media was clean, well executed, and creative. We are proud to have such a helpful, focused team of marketing professionals and website designers at hand

Michael C., Principal

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