American Express Launching “Link, Like, Love” – a New Way to Save and Network

American Express Link Like Love

Another Brilliant Consumer-Centric Example driven by the Power of Social Media

Every big corporation out there spends years and even decades to build a brand.

The return? Customer loyalty.

According to the statistics on www.wikipedia.com, American Express was ranked the 22nd most valuable “brand” worldwide and has been regarded as one of the top 20 most admired companies in the world.

They basically have the same functions, what is the difference between American Express and, for example, Capital One?

Many AmEx card holders would say “it’s a membership, it’s the feeling of being special and pampered”. As a American Express card holder, you receive outstanding reward program benefits.

Branding is built upon brand recognition and customer loyalty. American Express excels in this area.

To build and own a successful brand, companies don’t just make customers “buy” their products, they convince them to “join” to be a part of the brand through allowing a kind of superior social status.

Recently, AmEx launched “Link, Like, Love”. Taking advantage of the social networking power of Facebook, the worshiped company further extended the reward programs, benefiting both consumers and merchants.

They know what you like, now they are giving you what you love.

Isn’t this powerful and smart?

Find out and learn more about this new American Express Rewards Program here.

Facebook is popular. Yet many think it’s saturated and it’s starting to get boring – posting and getting likes.

Look at what American Express has done. They took social media to a complete new horizon.


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