Black Navigation Bar on Google? The upcoming Social Media Feature – Google Plus.

Every now and then, the Google logo on Google’s homepage is different and themed, based on the holiday or event of that particular day. Google calls it the “Holiday and Events – Google Style!”.  It is also regarded as Doodles. You can find more info on Doodles here.

Today’s surprise is not Doodles.  Have you noticed the black navigation bar across the top.  I’m sure you have.  Seriously how many times have you googled something today?

Google Black Navigation Bar, Google+It is a new service that Google is launching, they are calling it “Google Plus” or “Google +”.

This new feature is obviously meant to add user friendliness to using Google as a search engine.  But, it is not very friendly to the social media platform Facebook, is it?

Yes, Google is launching a social media platform to compete with Facebook.  Currently, this new feature is invite-only.  Many tech guys and social media experts have, however, already claimed that this will be the biggest competitor Facebook will face.

Some said Google Plus (Google+) will consolidate many other features out there.  For instance, the new video conferencing among business affiliates and two way video chatting between friends will be a Skype-Facebook clone.

The black navigation bar might look awkward for a moment.  I can tell you though the big storm is coming, whether it is contributing to our social networking lifestyle or creating rival among other popular social media tools.  Either way, I am sure we will “benefit” from this search engine giant by doing it “Social Media – Google Style!”.


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