Building a 3D Modeling Workstation

Overview of Building Your Own 3D Workstation

Overview of Building Your Own 3D Workstation

Building a hybrid render station as well as a desktop is relatively easy if one knows what ingredients are important before investing.

We can start by saying that a multi-socket motherboard is vital so either a dual or quad socket board will work.

Xeon processors most likely will be required and can be found on newegg for nominal cost compared to fair market value.

RAM will also be important however not as important as the processors. 48G of RAM should be more than plenty.

Depending on the monitor, any $150 GPU should suffice and shouldn’t be an issue installing. HTPX form factors are usually the problem because they won’t install into a normal full ATX case.

Make sure your case is big enough to handle your motherboard. Rendering does take a lot of space so naturally any large HD will do.

For speed WD Raptors are sought after @ 10,000rpm. So you see there are only two components that need to be changed and are vital to setting up a solid work station. CPU and motherboard and that’s how easy it is.

And this is how easy it is to build your own workstation for 3D modeling or heavy interactive web design tasks.


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