Business Cards are Dead – from Knocking on Door to Search Engine Optimization

In the old days, the sales department of each and every organization is the most important and respected group of staff. They go door to door, they run presentations, they generate revenue. They have a nice suit on, they shake your hands and hand out their business cards. Business card design and business literature materials used to be the most important element in shaping a company’s image at the first point of contact.

Over the years, business cards design have struggled to stay in tune with a company’s branding strategy which leads to the very different designs and shapes. Difference in shape, size, color, textures, materials such as magnetic, thick card board even silk, not only make you stand out from the crowd but also leave a long lasting impression. In the later stage of their survival, business cards were converted into miniature CD, post-it, folded square envelop and even bookmarks.

Why did business cards struggle for such a short time and now seems they don’t even appear outside corporate outings?

Search engine optimization has replaced the importance of the sales force. A salesman’s day starts with calling, faxing, traveling, greeting, running presentations, closing a deal (or not), and all over again the next day. The day is not as efficient; target market might not be necessarily looking for their products and services at that time. A salesman’s approach is proactive but yet filled with uncertainties.

A search engine optimization’s approach is almost like fishing. When someone (the target market) is ready to fish, they go to the sea and look for the fish. Your responsibility is to make sure you are (your business is) ready to be found among other fish of the same kind and you look bigger and better.

A successful SEO campaign boosts your search engine ranking and makes you highly visible to your market. The cluster of the web is undeniably the fault of the aggressive day-to-day internet marketing implementation. Breaking through this cluster is key to gain visibility and online success.

Search engine optimization brings the potential buyers to you, without the high gas expense for traveling, high printing cost on business card and business literature, high “no” rates for disappointment and the 10% commission + base salary.

There are typically 2 kinds of SEO, on page and off page. On page SEO primarily focuses on web content and Meta Data that are related to your website for search engine indexing. Off page SEO targets article writing and link building which is regarded as the 2 most important elements to boost a site’s popularity in search engine’s eyes.

Most importantly, to achieve a successful SEO campaign, your company must have a high end web design built prior to the campaign. Drive potential buyers to a visually appealing and informational website is key to convert traffic to sales.


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