Can you live without this amazing web browser? Our experience on Firefox5

Mozilla Firefox is one of the can’t-live-without downloads you must have for your computer.  Worldwide web designers can definitely confirm this statement for us.

After the recent powerful launch of Firefox 4, with over 200 million downloads, Mozilla was ready to move on to the next level and published the latest version Firefox 5.

Much faster web surfing, larger web browser screen, better organization of add-ons and bookmarks, to name a few.  One of the best features, we would say, is the Do Not Track feature on Andriod, which allows users to opt-out of online tracking systems, making web surfing as private as it should be.

Now, time to talk about one of the worst things about Firefox 5.  After experiencing Firefox 5, we would say there is only 1 “worst” thing.

The problem: Firefox 5 is fairly new, many add-ons/ plugins are not updated to go compatible with Mozilla version 5 yet.  What we experienced once downloaded FF5, for instance, the extremely important web design tool, Google Tool Bar disappeared – very disappointing and disturbing.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we found a solution.

The solution: If you downloaded Firefox 5 and Google Tool bar is disabled due to incompatibility issues, get this plugin, it will fix everything like a miracle.  Note: You do not need to remove or reinstall Google Toolbar.

Last but not least, the reason you should use Mozilla Firefox (no matter what version)… it’s just much faster.  Firefox is the paradise of the online world.


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