Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development

It’s no secret that the mobile app market is growing at an alarming rate. Web agencies face the challenge of transforming content that was created for viewing on a home computer, and modifying it to have functionality and a design element, albeit on a much smaller scale.

On the one hand, mobile apps are convenient and easy to download. If created properly, they can lead to a more efficient consumer experience, which builds a bridge toward increased revenue. On the other hand, the design and layout must support ease of use on a variety of mobile platforms and screen sizes. There is also likely to be more of a snapshot view of information or, in other words, less content that is more targeted.

There has been some discussion amongst website design and development companies about the lack of a design element with mobile apps because functionality for touch screen takes priority. Skygate Media has a unique approach to this in the way it considers the design of the app icon. It is important not to overlook the importance of aesthetic when it comes to consumer behavior. The icon is a mini commercial of sorts and the right graphic can give it that tiny edge over a competing application.

When considering the pros and cons of these bite-sized web solutions, one thing is for certain. Mobile apps allow for easier and targeted communications with consumers and they appear to be staying with us for a while.


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