CRM and Online Store Integration

Types of CRM Integration and How-Tos

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an industry term that relates to the identification and retention of customers.

When done correctly, it helps businesses manage their customers with respect to understanding their needs, improving their purchasing experiences and organizing inventory.

It is our goal to assist our clients in the creation and management of an all-in-one solution and online payment gateway for their business.  A corporate web site should include all of these elements to remain competitive in their industry.

How to Build an Online Store and Connect it to CRM –

Top website designs are the tip of the iceberg when dealing with e-commerce and websites that generate direct sales.  The gorgeous online store front may draw in customers but imagine having the ability to generate market research reports, manage inventory, handle all accounting and payment processing within the same system, rather than a bunch of separate components that do not “speak” to each other.

Here are a few examples of the CRM integration scenarios we handle at Skygate:

1. Client has existing CRM set up but no online store – We can create this so that inventory data can be synced.  There are also many advantages to moving products online (require less space for storefront, people can shop 24/7, no limitations of geographical location).

2. Client has an online store and wants to connect it to their CRM – We offer assistance to avoid entering data in both places to increase productivity.

3. Client has no online store or CRM – Skygate Media can set this up and offer a variety of “all-in-one” solutions.

4. Client has an online store, no CRM – In this case, we can utilize product / customer management tool plugins available for online store platforms.  Our specialties are Joomla Virtuemart and Magento.

Skygate Media specializes in the area of ecommerce website design so our clients can benefit not only from the impactful design but also in our online marketing capabilities.  We create the online store so that the front end experience for the users is efficient and hassle free.  The back-end will integrate reports so that the inventory is managed easily, payment processing streamlined, and information about consumer behavior will help our clients modify their marketing efforts by clear identification of a target market.

Financial Benefits of Integrating CRM and Payment Processing Systems-

Businesses have to spend time, and therefore money, to have data entered separately and then rely on an accountant to reconcile the information.  The streamlined process that we have created saves time eliminates the need for separate date entry, gaining employees or business owners the most valuable asset of all, time.

With CRM generating detailed reports on customer behavior, targeted marketing strategies are more easily identified.  If, for instance, a business has information about who makes what purchases when, they can offer sales incentives to boost revenue.

These cost-effective web solutions have yielded nothing but positive results for our clients.

Have a question?  Schedule an appointment with our CRM integration experts at Skygate.



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Job well done Skygate. Tell your team that they did a very good job. I can’t stop looking at my website, it looks very good.

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