Defense and Aerospace Website Design – Things to Consider

Defense and Aerospace Web Design

Defense and Aerospace Website Design – Things to Consider

Our team recently launched a major website re-design for Aerospace Industry leaders, ASC Process Systems.

Throughout the design process, we immersed ourselves in aerospace to learn as much as possible in order to determine how the content layout would be most effective.

One of the great things about the field of professional website design is that we get a crash course in every industry we serve.  If we don’t understand the content that we are helping our clients sell or promote, we cannot be very effective in helping them do so.

Learning about defense and aerospace for web design was an enlightening experience that, while challenging, was really rewarding at the same time.  We’d like to share some of the considerations that helped to make this project successful.

Effective Use of 3D Modeling:

Autoclaves, control systems and components are heavy industry products with detailed and specific parts.   Our design team wanted to re-create the experience of examining these products in person. The best way to do that was to create a 3D tour of the products and we are particularly proud of this feature.

Use of 3D modeling with aerospace web design is essential in our minds because the products require such a depth of intricacy and due to their vast size, it is almost impossible to convey this any other way.

We have some of the best 3D designers in the industry, as evidenced by their work on this project, and they walked the delicate line between having enough 3D modeling to inform consumers without having so much that it made the site overly heavy.

Effective Use of Graphics and Images:

We looked at several aerospace websites and noticed a theme.  There was a lot of text without any break for the eye.  Top marketing firms all agree that dense text without some use of visual is not an effective way to market a product or service.

Skygate Media believes that design has a place in every industry when it’s done right.  For example, notice the use of supporting image, graphics and video throughout the site to break up the text and keep content organized.

Turning Bulk into Bite-Sized:

The best corporate websites are heavy but appear light.  This is a difficult balance to strike but particularly important, especially for defense and aerospace website design where there are regular industry advances and product updates. Users open a door and see a choice of several other doors, as opposed to opening the door and a storm of information flies into their face.

ASC’s website is well over 100 pages so there is an art to choosing the best over-arching categories or “doors” that users will find most effective.  This is where communication with our clients is key.  This collaborative process helps to determine the framework for the overall design because, in the end, our goal is a positive user experience which leads to better sales for our clients.

If you have questions about web design for aerospace or defense, feel free to talk with us.  We are excited to create a high end website, assist with branding, and then make it visible to as many people as possible.


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Job well done Skygate. Tell your team that they did a very good job. I can’t stop looking at my website, it looks very good.

Andrew S., Manager

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