Does a website require a database?

Does a Website Require a Database?

To deal with a lot of data, you need a database.

Implementation and maintenance of a database is not easy to achieve.  Here are some reasons to consider:

Frequent Change in Content

To be able to change your contents when necessary, a database with various forms of presentation to automate the content changing process.

In such a high changing environment you can use your databases to store pictures or writings or even other background information like the details of the authors, page or section layouts etc. In fact a database completes the work of web designers.

For example, you definitely need a super fast online database if you have a website on travel information that sells travel and tour deals or air tickets.

Do you need ecommerce?

The level of ecommerce implementation required for your web based business also helps to determine if you really need a database in your site. For a sophisticated ecommerce business website, web designers should consult with a database developer to accommodate all the possible functionalities desired by the customers visiting the ecommerce site.

Does your website rely mostly on user inputs?

Many websites require active participation from their users to generate content for their websites and are mostly user based.  For example, tripadvisor.com or similar sites where users are the principal driving force for the website.  You would definitely need to have a database that can take in user inputs, store and allow all sorts of database based interactivities.

Can you actually maintain a database driven website?

The last question which is actually one of the most important one to ask yourself, is that, do you have all the resources in hand that you need to run a database driven website?  If you can answer all the above questions and rationalize your answers, you will get the perfect answer based on what you can decide whether you need a database for your website or not.


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