Does Android have what it takes to take on iPhone app development?

The App store created by Apple is and has been a smash hit since it hit the market, with a slight head start to its competitor Android and their related technology. The mobile app development industry has become a norm for anyone who does web design. Clients may now expect their existing web design firms to handle to the development and production of applications for their sites and products. The ability to reach the mobile market at its early stages are essential to many in the business, because if you’re late to the party it may be over or on to the next one before you know it.

Building applications is not the same as building websites. The latest version of Adobe’s Flash Builder tool they can now develop mobile applications using the similar software and languages including ActionScript. Apple’s reluctantly to adapt to Adobe Flash and instead support the newest version of the HTML5, which is quickly becoming the web standard for all web development and design has been a hotly debated topic in recent months.

Android and its allegiance with Google software make for a formidable opponent for Apple and the mobile app development war. In this billion dollar industry the possibilities are endless and the profits seem to be in line with that. From the inception of the Android we have seen a exponential burst in the number of applications and their downloads. For instance imagine this, as recently as March 2009 the Android market consisted of about 2,000 applications and in the same month two years later they are up to over 275,000 applications with over 3 billion downloads.

Now 3 billion is not 11 billion like the Apple App store can boast but it an alternative to those that just don’t want to jump on the Steve Job’s and Apple’s band wagon. Any mobile application developer knows that the Android market is here to stay and compete with Apple and possible one day surpass them in the mobile application market. People familiarity with Google is what helps Android’s market and their acceptance of Flash at the moment is what makes the difference amongst the two competitors.

The Android market also has a greater percentage of free applications with an estimated over %50 of their applications can be downloaded for free. Whatever helps Android gain an edge towards the dominance of the Apple app store will be what separates the two mobile giants.


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