Does Your Website Load Fast Enough? Four Aspects of Great Web Design

Does Your Website Load Fast Enough? Four Aspects of Great Web DesignImagine you find a deal for the tastiest watermelons in the city. But when you arrive at the store, there are cobwebs over the door, and the aisles are so narrow it is hard to get your cart through. Many people would just go to the grocery store across the street. Bad website design is like cobwebs and tiny aisles. Here are four things you should consider when looking for the best website design companies.

1. Professional, Functional Appearance

Did you know that 95 percent of web visitors decide in a second if a website is worth their business? It is always surprising to me when I come across websites that try to display five ads for their services at once, with broken image links, multiple types of fonts, and a bad layout. When it is 2013 and not 1999, you need to get with the program and give consumers what they expect and want to see. Design should be uniform and sleek, similar, in a way, to the way magazines are laid out. Like a magazine, there should be an easy and organized route for people who want to find specific information. For example, is your contact info easy to locate?

2. Load Quickly

Did you know that 40 percent of users will navigate away from a page that takes more than three seconds to load? Similarly, 71 percent of people using mobile devices expect a page to load as fast as it would on computer. Not only does your site need to be fast, but it needs to be optimized for mobile users. Many people now access information about products and services via their phones, and they expect and want websites to be device compatible.

3. Call to Action

The top website designers understand that there is more to web design than just looking good. It is important to engage consumers and encourage them to follow through, whether the follow through is buying a product, posting to Facebook, or commenting with their thoughts. Web design can accomplish this by incorporating buttons for quick posting to social media sites, easy links for one click purchases, a comment section, a request for more information, or a newsletter signup.

4. Do Not Use Cousin Joe

A lot of people try to cut corners with web design by hiring inexperienced designers who will work for less. For people with a career in web design, their work is their pay, and a great designer will not work for peanuts or publicity. Expect to pay the market price. If you hire your aspiring computer tech cousin to do the job for half the price, you will likely get half the quality. Look for someone who has a career in web design, not just a passing interest.

Do you have a career in web design and have tips? Share them in the comments!


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