Doing 3 Right Things for Your Website

Doing the right thing for your business

Marketing Effort - Half Full or Half Empty?

Is your marketing effort an empty glass, half or full?

If you are handling a business without an extravagant amount of marketing dollars, you will notice your corporate web site is ultimately “the” most important channel to get a message across the nation.

Here’s how it starts:

A potential buyer of yours is encountering an issue. Issues as big as how to handle foreclosure or as small as birthday party catering. No matter what their issue is, your role is to offer them a peace of mind solution by providing the products and services you specialize in.

The web is dynamic and you can easily deliver this message on a website.

Do you sometimes wonder the reasons why your website doesn’t generate enough leads to overcome the online marketing budget?

Try the following 3 things on your website today, you might see results tomorrow:

1. Catchy Tagline (Possibly your H1 Title) – catchy we don’t mean cheesy, bold and rainbow. Usually this catchy phrase grabs the first moment when someone enters your website, which serves as the answer to their question, the solution to their problem. From a SEO perspective, Tagline is usually coded as H1 Title, search engines are definitely looking at H1 for relevant content while deciding which website to rank.

2. Call To Action – what do you want your potential customers to do on your website? Make their visit worthwhile by directing them to do the right thing in the right place.

3. Less Clicks – Yes we are spoiled. The quicker it is to get to information, the faster the world is going to spin, and the sooner we can get to the next task in life. User friendliness is key.

Make your marketing dollars and effort worthwhile by following the 3 right things, you will see results.


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Job well done Skygate. Tell your team that they did a very good job. I can’t stop looking at my website, it looks very good.

Andrew S., Manager

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