Ebay's Logo Re-Design: Sophisticated or Dull?

Ebay's new logo design


Something as simple as a re-designed logo can elicit emotional responses from a customer-base.  While, on the surface, it is just collection of letters designed to assist people in associating a company with the service it provides, it is really much more than that.  Since a logo is a visual representation of a brand, people like to work with a brand that fits them.  This becomes internalized and, therefore, people have a mental investment in that brand.  I am sure that ebay hired the best marketing agencies to advise them throughout this process and who could have forseen the response would be so strong?

Top marketing companies take a surgical approach to re-branding that, in many cases, involves data.  Research might show that a particular target market responds well to red vs. blue, however, it is impossible to please everyone.  With ebay, in particular, some users are actually ‘offended’ by this logo change.  Reading the comments on their forum, some of these individuals have taken it personally as if someone came and changed the paint colors in their living room.  One user wrote that the previous logo was “iconic” and the new one was “lacking.”  There was even a competition re-design the logo.

Let us know what you think about Ebay’s new design.

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