Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting – Google Panda, Good Panda or Bad Panda?

Kung Fu Fighting Google Panda

Google Panda Giving Your Business Two Black Eyes?

Have you been noticing dramatic drop in visitor statistic report and actual foot/phone traffic?

You could be one of the victims of the Panda.

Google Panda – don’t think this fluffy, soft and cute bear is all about being friendly, once it hits, “it’s like Google giving 2 black eyes to those bad websites.”

Many businesses have claimed a dramatic decrease in Google search result ranking.  Google has been updating their algorithm recently to make the web a better place to surf for information.  This has definitely reset the web design routine.

For those websites that can’t make the qualification, especially those that are affiliated with low quality content farm, would have definitely seen the consequences.

A couple Google Panda recovery suggestions:

1. Create useful content – don’t write for search engine, write for real people (Yes, Google has a way to distinguish, humans have been introduced to scan random websites to confirm content relevancy)

2. Relate your site to only high quality content websites

3. Power up your social media campaign

4. Use a better hosting company

Almost everybody sees a difference since the launch of Google Panda.  Should everybody be Kung Fu fighting the Panda?  Hmm, we are pretty sure such housekeeping is highly necessary and will brighten up the e-world.

Google Panda, we think you are a good panda. You have our vote.


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