Face to Face With the Discovery Process

They don't have palm trees in Manhattan

The above photo was sent to me by Creative Director, Jesse Case, who hopped on a plane with one of our project managers to visit a new client.  While it certainly didn’t hurt that they were very close to the number one beach in the country, the real benefit was meeting our new client face to face, touring their manufacturing facility and learning about who they are/what they offer.  This is an integral part of Skygate Media’s discovery process and it’s what enables us to be sure we hit all the right marks when designing websites.  There is  a lot that can be done via phone calls and looking at photos or video, but nothing compares with being immersed in the world that we are trying to represent in the web space.

Over the years, we’ve toured some impressive facilities, labs and corporate headquarters.  One of the most memorable being the enormous econoclaves at ASC Process Systems (Aerospace) in California.   This time, Jesse got an in-depth look at the process of creating springs.  He returned inspired and ready to create.  He also made sure to carve out an hour with a jet ski before returning home.  Good move Jesse.  Good move.

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WOW.  I must say, I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your work!  I am glad I decided to go with your company on this.  Its looking very good.


Nicolas T., Entrepreneur

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