Four Types of Writing for SEO


SEO Content Writing Tips:


  In general, there are four main types of writing for search engine optimization.  Each requires a unique tone with varying levels of professionalism that suit the needs of the project.  Writing, in general, has become increasingly less formal online but it’s important to remember that some arenas do call for the spelling out of words rather than shortcuts, emoticons should not be used beyond personal emails, texts and personal social media pages and remember your basic grammar rules.  One distinction that needs to be made with text is the difference between on-page and off-page.  On page writing is anything that appears on your website.  Off page would include any of the back links, blogs (unless the blog appears as part of your site), or press releases that appear on other websites.   The top web designers deal with both on page and off page content and they adapt their “voice” accordingly.  Here are the types and differences in language or tone that exist between them:

1. Website text – This requires the most professional language since it is the most effective way to transmit your message to a target market.  It is the equivalent of dressing appropriately for an interview.  Some organizations may require the suit, but even if it is business casual, it has to be your absolute best and contain the appropriate keywords.  Online marketing agencies can help you determine the best keywords to use.

2. Blog posts – A professional writing style is also used for a blog post particularly if it is an on-page blog.  You will want to have the same tone in your writing but it can be slightly more casual.  The blog post implies more of a one on one relationship between writer and reader and they often take the approach of teaching or educating a reader about a skill or service.  Be sure to also include keywords but no more than 2 per hundred words.

3. Press release – These are generally off-page with promotional content which the main site can link to.  The writer has to maintain professional language that conveys accomplishments, milestones or other newsworthy events for the organization.  Most corporate websites have a section for their press and media mentions.

4. Off-page SEO articles – For this type of article, you can use a more informal tone.  It should still be informative, contain the appropriate amount of keywords, and have a link directing readers to your main site.



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