Google News Badge – Did you get rewarded yet?

Google News Badge

A New Way to Organize Reading Materials?

As a way to reward readers, Google is launching Google News Badges.

This is how it works.

If you see any articles or videos on Google News that are interesting to you, well written to you, news worthy to you, you can share them with others by using Google+.

Your Google+ account will serve as a mini library of your favorites. This is a way to go back to enjoy the reading materials again while suggest them to your friends. In return, the more relevant articles you read, the more “stars” you receive on the Google News Badge. Like a student, who enters university and wants to get good grades.

We think the new launch of Google New Badges is, yet, another Panda related product.

Google Panda came out of the forest and shouted “I am all about high quality content.”

News materials are often times regarded as good quality, interesting and popular web content.

Without a doubt, Google Panda has improved web surfing. We are seeing less spammy sites out there. Though, many legit businesses have suffered also because somehow someway they are related to these spammy sites via link building on low quality link farms. These angry business owners are saying “Panda, you have slaughtered the wrong guy” and many are upset with search engine algorithm changes that puts the world’s commerce in an unfair scale.

“FTC begins review of search and advertising practices” – an antitrust investigation on Google from the US Federal Trade Commission.

To turn it down a notch, without using the machine to rank all businesses, Google wants your human brain’s participation in differentiate good and bad.

Good luck in winning the first released Bronze Google Badge.

Do you think the new badge system will help you organize your reading routine, or do you think this is another way the web takes control over privacy and collects personal lifestyle data that’s worth a lot of money?


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