Groupon VS Google Offers – Which is a better deal?

Groupon vs Google Offers

Groupon and Google Offers Comparison

Groupon has definitely a head start and been going strong. The only big difference between the two is Google’s gigantic network which allows Google to integrate any other Google products together with Google Offers to make it a powerful deal finder.

Here, I did a brief comparison between Groupon and Google Offers, to take a deeper and surgical look into these services.

Launch date:
November 2008, featuring daily deals on what to do, buy and eat in 43 countries.

June 2011, featuring a deal per day in 3 cities.

Deal Frequency:

Multiple Per Day, various categories
Once a Day, limited categories


Via Web, Email, Mobile App – customers are able to login to Groupon web portal, use their mobile device and most recently receive travel deals
Via Web, Email – customers mainly receive daily emails featuring one special offer

Service Areas:

National & International – most towns in the United States plus international countries
National only in multiple cities – Portland OR, NYC, San Fransisco

Groupon Getaways – Special travel section (partnered with Expedia)
Regular daily deals

A while back in 2010, Google offered $5.3 billion dollars to buy out Groupon. It looks like the rejection has given Google the fumes to start from ground up and compete.

Groupon is a great success as you might have noticed how many coupon websites have been created and failed over time. One thing not to forget is, Google IS a search engine gorilla and who really knows what Google Offers will turn into with the help of Google Maps, Google Wallet, Google+, Google Talk, Google Earth, and not to mention YouTube.


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