How to Build an Interactive Landing Page for your Business Facebook

Facebook Business Landing Page

How to build a Facebook Welcome Page yourself

Facebook was launched as a social networking service in 2004. Since then, it created what we call “social media”.

To take advantage of its full social networking power, many businesses dove right into this brand new tool and started leveraging social media technology to promote their business ideas, products and services.

Facebook is a tool to turn friends (or fans) into sales pitchmen.

It is much more likely to have a friend of your fans to read the special promotion and click on the link to download a coupon you posted for your fans, than an online ad (even the online ads on Facebook with geographic and demographic control).

“I have only 1 fan, how do I get more?” – this is no longer valid.

Facebook is so popular among different age groups that businesses don’t complain about troubles in signing up fans anymore. There are various promotion-based ways to attract new Facebook sign ups, and proven to be very effective.

The concern, nowadays, is what (is the right thing) to post and how often (is right) to post.

Especially for non-consumer based industries such as B2B businesses, there are often times not enough “worthy” posts because specials and coupons don’t exist. Many businesses have finally attracted some new sign ups and one day due to a boring post at a “wrong” time, the fan decided to “unlike”.

Building an interactive landing page for your business facebook account is vital to avoid this issue.

Instead of driving traffic to a dull lack of activity fan page, now you can embed an interesting full of content with company information page as a welcome page.

If you have coding experience, you can easily create a welcome page by editing the static FBML settings within your Facebook account.

If you don’t have any idea what FBML is, here is a list of commonly used, free, user friendly apps that you can download and modify the look and style of the interactive landing page.

iFrame App

Take a look at the Kraft page. Beside the Facebook logo in the upper left hand corner, you almost can’t tell that this is a Facebook page (well I know you can).

The Kraft welcome page is filled with Kraft branding elements – recipes and tips which are highly relevant to their products, as a result to stimulate sales.


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