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User Friendly Facebook URL Good for Branding

So, we know Facebook is vital.

Some people believe that they can’t live without Facebook due to its social networking power.

Some businesses believe that they don’t need a Facebook Fan Page because their industry is not consumer based.

Whichever one you are, many have encountered issues in remembering and promoting their business page because their Facebook page URL isn’t user friendly.

Before Skygate Media updated the Facebook page URL, it was as complicated as this http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skygate-Media/115533867540.

Who could remember that string of numbers?

Now, it is as easy as www.facebook.com/skygatemedia. Look at the branding power and the convenience when using Facebook to promote your business.

Here is how you can manage to change your business Facebook page URL for easier marketing effort:

1. Login to your personal Facebook account that is linked to your business page
2. Select your business page in the navigation menu on the left
3. At the very top, select “Edit Info”
4. You will see the second item as “Username”, type in your preference and check availability

Currently, Facebook does not allow change of username if you have less than 25 fans/likes.

If you have requested a username for an updated Facebook page URL, you might see the 404 image above that says “This content is currently unavailable”.

Then you know it’s time to get more “likes” before the new URL can be used.


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