How to Let Creativity Flourish for Web Copywriting Success

web copywritingNo two ways about it: content marketing is the name of the game for an effective online marketing campaign. As statistics from Inbound Writer show, the average marketer spends over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing. With content marketing’s potential to generate 67% more leads per month than outbound marketing methods, that shouldn’t be surprising.

Of course, the key to any great content marketing campaign is, naturally, the content. Web copywriting is essential to crafting exciting, engaging, and influential blog posts, social media statuses, and other types of content that makes potential customers want to follow your brand. It’s no exaggeration to say that web copywriting is the central cog in any well-oiled machine. Likewise, it’s accurate to say that a firm looking to improve its corporate branding will fail if their web copywriting isn’t up to snuff.

How to Sharpen Your Team’s Web Copywriting

  1. Set Limits, but Let Their Creativity Shine
    Writing, whether its technical writing or translation, is inherently an artistic, creative process. As such, trying to over structure the way your team produces content is a surefire way to rob them of their creative spirit, not to mention their ability to put out great content.Of course, this doesn’t mean you should let them do whatever they want. Give them topics or styles to avoid and a clear set of deliverables. You’re running a business, after all.
  2. Variety is the Spice of Life…and Great Web Copywriting
    As Entrepreneur aptly suggests, encouraging your content team to produce a variety of types of content is a powerful way to both inspire them — and to come across as a more interesting source online. Your web copywriting team can and should be working on social media posts, and they should be crafting unique, exciting blog posts. Not only will a diversified approach lead to a huge increase in the efficacy of your content, it will also make for a happier, more productive team.
  3. Give Your Writers the Tools They Need to Effectively Newsjack
    Just as web design and eCommerce website development techniques have evolved to fit the times, so, too, does your writing team need to grow to produce the type of content that gets traffic and praise. For David Meerman Scott, the author of Newsjacking: How to Interject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage, cutting edge content creation today is about newsjacking. Taking popular news stories and putting your take on them allows you to ride a wave of interest to generate more traffic for your work. It may seem counterproductive, but letting your writers peruse Twitter, Facebook, and Google News at work is the best way for them to scare up leads for this extremely powerful content type.

Web copywriting is the gas that makes your marketing machine go. Give your team the tools and the freedom they need to shine, and they’ll respond in turn with high quality, revenue-generating content.


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