Improve Your Web Design to Improve Your Mobile Outreach

Improve Your Web Design to Improve Your Mobile Outreach
Did you know that the first webcam was used in Cambridge University’s computer lab? They used it to keep an eye on a coffee maker so that no one had to make unnecessary trips to the pot. While this was no doubt revolutionary back then, our reliance on technology has diversified and grown since then. It seems everything we do is dependent on a computer or a microchip. This is especially true when it comes to our mobile devices.

According to StreetWise Media, we are using mobile tech even we we are not on the go. 86% of users are using their smartphone or tablet while watching TV. The fact is if you are not making use of effective mobile optimization for your webpage, you are missing out on a ton of traffic and potential revenue. Here are three ways professional web design services can help you trap the lightning in a bottle.


Using popular keywords and target phrases has been one of many important SEO content writing tips for a long time. By making use of the best keyword research and finding how users are searching for your content, your company stands to generate a lot more traffic. The content provided on your site needs to match the keywords it employs. By matching convenient, engaging, and easy-to-find content with that which is useful, you will necessarily improve your users’ enjoyment of your site and your reader retention.

Website Design

Did you know that 79 percent of web shoppers say they will not return to a website if its performance is poor? This means websites that are hard to navigate, e.g.are unresponsive on mobile platforms, stand to lose a huge chunk of the mobile market. According to HubSpot, there are five times as many cellphones in the world than PCs. That should give you an idea just how much you stand to lose when you do not take advantage of website design that is optimized for mobile.

Flash or HTML?

One important factor impacting your website’s usability on mobile devices is the language it was written in. Flash websites, for example, have much longer load times, or cannot even be viewed on many tablets and smartphones. Since 23 percent of online shoppers say a bad online shopping experience begins with a slowly loading website, and 74 percent are willing to wait only five seconds before leaving the page, writing your site in a fast loading language is key. Flash certainly adds a lot of, well, flash, but writing your site in good old HTML, according to PrestaShop Blog, is a much better practice for rapid access.

Not every company has the in-house capacity to implement these tips to improve their mobile websites. Many assume that the best keyword research is easy and can be done quickly. However, as any SEO company can point out, market research on that level takes time to yield quality results. Find yourself a quality provider of SEO web design who can provide the best keyword research, as well as intuitive web design that implements rapid mobile access into their work.


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