Are You the Weak Link on a Web Copywriting Team?

web copywritingWeb copywriting is the lifeblood of the modern web marketing and web design industry. “Content is king,” and without great writers, such as yourself, the ability to produce high quality web copywriting at the volumes the industry requires would be lost to most professional website design and marketing companies.

You’re an Essential Part of an Online Marketing Team

It’s not hyperbole to say that writers make or break search engine optimization firms. According to statistics from Inbound Writer, 61% of web users say they are more likely to make a purchase from a company that produces engaging, useful content on a regular basis. That’s why 78% of chief marketing officers believe that content marketing is the future of online advertising.

Of course, how essential you are can quickly change if you don’t stay sharp. Falling behind due to a lack of motivation, getting stuck in a creative rut, and all the other issues writers regularly have to contend with must be handled quickly to keep up with demand in the SEO industry. With these tips, you can maintain and even improve your web copywriting, making any marketing firm lucky to have you.

How to Improve Your Web Copywriting

  1. Write Actively

    CopyBlogger.com says that nothing kills web copywriting faster than constantly speaking in the passive voice. Passive writing makes for boring, slow, tedious reading. Active writing, the style you should aim for, engages readers. Take, for example, the following sentence: The world was changed by the invention of bread. The point is there, but wouldn’t it be better to write “the invention of bread changed the world?” Remember, action is active.

  2. Keep It Punchy

    Just as you don’t want to bore your readers with passive prose, you never want to bog down your story by being verbose. In the Age of the Internet, argues Web Design Ledger, being clear and concise is crucial. Lengthy titles and wordy content equals lower content traffic. Conversely, punchy content with exciting titles is shared more frequently, generating higher revenue and visibility for your clients.

  3. Find Ways to Boost Your Creativity

    Web copywriting, and the folks who create it, can sometimes suffer a crisis of creativity. Keeping your creativity high in web copywriting can be difficult, as it tends to feel like you’re writing the same content a lot. However, as About.com suggests, there is one big thing you can do to keep those creative juices flowing: take risks. Because SEO has corporatized writing, content authors assume they need to keep everything to a static business standard. However, so long as the copy is clean and engaging, risk taking is generally rewarded in the copywriting world.

  4. Let Management Know when Your Morale is Low

    As a study from Roberts Wesleyan College shows, employees with low morale are less productive. If your work environment is killing your morale, not to mention your web copywriting, take your issues to your editor. Nothing good ever came from letting an issue stew. Plus, you might just be surprised how accommodating your firm can be.

As time goes on, your skills will only become more important to marketing firms that want to find success. Use these tips as a blacksmith uses a whetstone, and you secure your future in the industry.


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