Into the Wild – NY Web Designer Climbs a Mountain

One of Skygate Media's front-end developers takes a vacation and climbs a mountain

We have an amazing team that offers constant inspiration on both creative and personal levels.  We love what we do but

we all recognize that in order to do it well, it’s important to nurture ourselves in other ways.  Our work takes intense focus, a keen eye for detail and, let’s face it, many hours of sitting.  Ray, one of our designers, just returned from a “break” which we thought worthy of sharing.

Taking time off to climb a mountain in the Philippines may sound ambitious to non thrill-seekers but for someone who spends his days sitting and searching his creative mind for the right design/aesthetic, it is the perfect way to avoid burnout.  Mount Guiting-Guiting is located on Sibuyan Island and is known amongst climbers as an extremely challenging endeavor taking approximately 2 days to climb and 1 day to descend.  The views along the way serving as constant motivation.

Ray had this to say about his adventure, “. . .half of the journey was a path of sharp rocks and open cliffs . . .We hiked to the summit along a boulder/rock clad ridge and down the mountain for 20 hours straight. . .Overall though, it was a great test of physical and mental discipline – and the view was breath taking.”

Does feeding a sense of adventure have an impact on creativity?  We’ll have to assume that yes, it absolutely does.  Congratulations to Ray on another successful adventure.



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Sandy R., CEO, Wilks Enterprise

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