Introducing the Honey Badgers

It’s one of those beautiful days here where the sky is the perfect shade of blue, the birds have a lot to say and even our office plants seem to be “perked up.”  This is all very well and good but we can’t help but notice a number of our web developers are fighting a case of spring fever.   We are fortunate enough to have a lot of natural light in our space, unlike other offices I’ve worked over the years where you have no idea what the weather is until you’re outside.  The flipside is that our team is longing for some outdoor play.

All the research indicates that short breaks help promote focus and concentration as opposed to long periods without breaks.  As a web agency, we encourage people to pace themselves in a way that suits them best and have treated each department to foot reflexology, freshly made juices, and even a stuffed animal that has hysterical laughing fits if the mood gets too serious.  All of this was a step in the right direction but, somehow, wasn’t enough to combat the Spring Fever this year.

We have been through a tough Winter with some serious storms so these days where jackets aren’t required are bound to awaken our playful spirit.  Our Creative Director came up with a solution that scored a home run with our team.  We’d like to formally introduce The Honey Badgers, a volleyball team sponsored by Skygate Media and featuring some of our very own web developers, as well as our lead project manager.

Our art department had a great time designing the logo and this will be a fantastic way to blow off steam, increase productivity, get some exercise and have some camaraderie.  Check back for photos of the Honey Badgers in action.  Let’s hope they play well!

The finished logo for our team

The process of creating the logo


3D Modeling

Internet Marketing

Mobile Development

Web Design

The work from the team at Skygate Media was clean, well executed, and creative. We are proud to have such a helpful, focused team of marketing professionals and website designers at hand

Michael C., Principal

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