Joomla CMS Tutorial – How to add and edit a category

Once you have the Joomla design structure incorporated, the next fun thing to do is to fill up the site with content.  In this regard, Joomla CMS is one of the best open source platforms for content management.  The video below will guide you how to add and edit a category in Joomla.

You may ask, “Category? Why category first?  Shouldn’t we add content right the way?”.

Many people have asked this question.

To take a look at how Joomla manages content, we first need to understand how Joomla structures content.

A very basic idea to start: every website has different sections.  Most of the sections can be identified by the layout of main navigation bar.

A common layout of the website navigation menu is: Home, About Us, Services, Products, Contact.

Adding a category in Joomla CMS means creating an item in such navigation menu.

It’s common practice that we start with the site map of the web design project.  Once the skeleton of the website is built, content can be inserted.  Stay tuned for the next video on how to manage content in Joomla.


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