Losing Business? Revamp Your Site with These Web Design Trends

web designIf you hope to generate any profit from your online store, or if you depend on using your website to attract offline clients, you’ve got to worry about your online marketing strategy — namely your web design. Top web designers do much more than create a visually appealing website — they craft your site in a way that will encourage lead conversion and entice customers to do business with you. After all, if a website’s layout can make or break your business, having an unpolished, outdated website will surely lose you valuable profits.

Whether you have someone to design your website in-house, or you need to hire web developers to give your page a polished, professional image, here are some web design trends that you should look for when you give your site a makeover.

  • Less is more: Go for simplicity when you craft a website. Having too many graphics clutters up your page, and one of the top ten reasons customers exit a website is because they’re too overwhelmed and frustrated by busy design. Minimalism is the trend these days, with cleaner layouts and fewer gimmicks. For example, large image backgrounds are trendy right now because they are eye-catching and give a site one central graphic rather than too many small ones.


  • Typography matters: In addition to having great content and graphics, even something as simple as typeface matters, whether it’s your logo design or the information displayed on your webpage. Mixing and matching fonts is a hot website design trend right now, but be careful not to overdo it. Paragraph headings and titles are typically done in a bold typeface, but make sure that your paragraphs themselves are in one easy-to-read sans-serif font. (Serifs are the small lines along the edges of letters you see on fonts such as Courier or Times New Roman; sans-serif means fonts without these extra lines.)


  • Navigability: Make sure that customers can navigate your website easily from any page, so they don’t have to go all the way back to a home page to see more content. Use a fixed header that includes menus (or drop-down menus). This not only makes it easy for customers to see a lot more of your website, but it also saves them time. Quicker navigation means fewer frustrated customers. And above all else, make sure that the vital information about your company and its services — contact information, hours, directions, even prices — are clearly listed and easy to find.


  • Optimize your site for mobile users: These days, consumers are relying more on their smartphones and tablets for browsing the web and even making purchases. However, if your customers are unable to use your website because it’s not mobile compatible, they will most likely avoid doing business with you. One study from MarginMedia reported that almost half (48%) of mobile users say that if a company’s website doesn’t work well with their devices, they infer that that company doesn’t care about their website — or about gaining a mobile user’s business! Further research from Econsultancy states that 62% of companies with mobile websites saw an increase in sales. If your site doesn’t support smartphones and tablets, you’re actually losing money.

Web design trends come and go, which means it’s important to update and revamp your site’s look and feel every few years, or else your profits may start to suffer. Additionally, if you aren’t able to craft the design yourself, hire a professional. Website designers can do anything from small business websites to high end corporate web design. If you have any questions about web design, feel free to ask in the comments.


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