Is Online and Mobile Ordering Right for Your Restaurant?

Is Online and Mobile Ordering Right for Your Restaurant

Mobile-Optimized site for Sangkee Noodle House, designed by Skygate Media

Not too long ago, if someone were hungry they had to hop in their car and drive to the store in order to prepare a meal.  Then, we saw the emergence of frozen dinners which had tiny representatives of each food group.  When microwaves came on to the scene, it cut the wait time to less than 10 minutes (with varying results).

As the relationship between hungry people and the food they want to eat continues to be modified and streamlined, it makes sense that it would involve our increased reliance on technology.

Online and mobile ordering for restaurants is gaining momentum every day and web designers are busy managing requests for mobile optimized sites and apps to help restaurants remain competitive.

Is mobile or online ordering for restaurants a trend or a worthy investment? Let’s examine some of the benefits for restaurants and consumers.

The most obvious benefit for restaurants is increased revenue from more sales – We’ve all had the experience of calling our favorite place and hearing “Please hold.”  Person to person exchanges have some limitations on how many of them you can fit into a given time period, say – the dinner rush.  A restaurant that accepts mobile and online ordering means a lot more orders can come through all at once.  A second benefit is increased accuracy. Due to human error, we can hear something other than what was said.  Errors can be made noting someone’s order and, therefore, it a less than perfect process.

With a clear and easy to navigate website, there is less room for mistakes.  Top website designers have a deep understanding of how to frame the content on a mobile site to drastically minimize user error for a more intuitive process.

The benefits to consumers are many.  First and foremost is the ease and speed of the process, however, the consumer can also save their favorite meals so there is even less time spent on the site to place an order.  Credit card information can be stored and to increase efficiency but there is usually the option to pay cash for non-delivery orders.

Beyond this, there are certain special features to make mobile and online ordering even more attractive to hungry consumers.  There are user reviews to help someone make their decision, as well as the option to view the most popular food items on a menu.

In addition to the benefits, there are other factors to consider for restaurants that may want to have online ordering.  Since the goal is to offer an improved experience for people, the restaurant must be in a position to handle an order increase without disappointing results.  Are there enough staff and supplies or will there be enough time to accommodate these possible changes?

And lastly, it will depend on your geographic location.  If a business offers delivery service in the burbs vs. a major city, there is more time spent in between locations.  It is wise to put all of these things in place before having a top website designer create an online menu.

Note: Please stay tuned for exciting news from longtime Skygate Media client Sang Kee Noodle House.  They are scheduled to launch their mobile and online ordering site later this month.  We are proud to offer this service.  If you have questions about whether or not this could work for your business, feel free to give us a call at (212) 807-4155.


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