Only if you are Bold & Ready-to-Go “How to Import Facebook contacts into Google+”

We do need to talk about Google+ again.

Even though very few people have their paws on it, Google commented the invite is “insane”. For those that are lucky enough, have a pretty good taste and still wonder why they should switch to this giant’s newly created social media platform since you already have 3000+ friends on Facebook – we have an easy way for friend migration.

Google Plus Invite & Migration Tips

As you can see, Google is focusing on making it easy on “You”.  You are the center of everything around you, Google is making it easy for you to access everything related to you, your life, your friends, your everything you can ever imagine.

Though, one thing they can’t let you do, is import Facebook contacts directly from their platform.  Think about it, how would that be possible.  Facebook, on the defensive side, wouldn’t make it close to possible to let people go.

Here is a little tricky tip to migrate your friends over to Google+.  Give it a try before Facebook makes any further adjustment on their side to protect the loss.

Instead of importing to Google, thinking about exporting from Facebook then importing to Google+.  What you need is a “middleman”.

In your Google+ account, go to “Find and Invite”, you can add friends from Yahoo contact list or Hotmail account.

Ha, Voila! Brilliant.  That’s your middleman.

Go to Facebook, “Export Friends”, choose the same middleman you will use in Google+.

This is all.


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