Reasons Why You Are Receiving Less Inbound Calls

A Drop in Inbound Phone Calls as a Result of Dropping SEO Ranking

The reason to design and build a website is to explore the www horizon and target your market on a national and international level, in an efficient “per request” manner.

Search engines legitimize this reason and make it highly possible.

Dropping in inbound calls has recently been regarded as a result of changing in search engine traffic.

SEO, search engine optimization, is one of the most targeted online marketing methods.


Reasons Your Corporate Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking Dropped:


Your website could have been receiving malware attacks. Search engines can usually detect if there is obscene material on your homepage that can be harmful to normal web surfing activities. When that happens, they will automatically post a warning site and ask visitors to reconsider whether they really want to take the risk and visit your site.


Panda penalty is the most common reason, recently, why you are receiving less inbound calls and request for quotes emails from your website.  Stay in touch with Google Panda, use legit link building techniques to avoid being pandalized.

Robot.txt File

This might sound confusing and somewhat intimidating.  Yet, this is a pretty simple concept and very important in terms of whether Google crawls your website.  It can go so much deeper, however, the basic difference in a robot.txt file is “index” and “no index”.

“Index” is a command to Google that you want your site to be indexed by search engines.  “No Index” means “don’t index my site,  I don’t want the public to be able to find the content on my website.”

For whatever reason, the robot.txt file that belongs to your website could be changed/updated, from “index” to “no index”.  If this is the case, it is an easy step to correct the problem, however it may take longer than you wish for search engines to index your site again.

Wrong Phone Number

Last but not least, it might sound silly but it happens!  Some might say “something really wrong is going on with my website, it is like driving people away, I am not getting one single phone call/ email.”  Duh – sometimes it is because it’s a wrong number listed on  your site.




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