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In 2013, nobody would ever consider going into business without putting up a state of the art website. Given the fact that over 80 percent of Americans have access to internet services, the first place millions of people turn to inquire about, or purchase, products and services is the internet. While this may seem like it is stating the obvious, never assume that all people with internet access use this approach, for there are always exceptions. This means the same is true of businesses when it comes to custom website designing services.

Although companies have a wide array of professional website designing services, it is peculiar that some of them still fail to see the big picture. What might be most surprising is the fact that there are large web only retailers that still do not offer mobile friendly websites. Just imagine how much money these retailers lose each day by unintentionally turning away hundreds or thousands of customers. Anyone who owns a mobile device knows how frustrating it can be to browse a webpage that is not mobile friendly. And given the low tolerance the typical American has toward inconvenience, it is not surprising that they will quickly turn to another retailer.

At the end of 2012, approximately half of all Americans owned some sort of mobile device, usually an iPhone or Android. And nearly 60 percent of those folks state that they use their devices to purchase products or services via the internet. As these numbers show, there is immense marketing potential that is wasted when businesses fail to remain on top of the latest technologies. And considering the fact that mobile technology has been around for years now, there is no excuse for not consulting the best web design companies.

While most companies surely realize this, the fact of the matter is that company websites are quickly becoming the faces of their companies. So what does that say about a business when a potential customer attempts to browse its website via her Android, only to find that it is still not mobile device friendly? Most likely, the company may appear technologically backward, apathetic to customer needs, and maybe even lazy. Consequently, the customer will move on to a competitor that utilizes one of the best website designing companies.

Customer service has always been a key to running a successful business. In this day and age, customer service is all about making things as convenient as possible for customers. This is particularly vital given the fact that web customers can quickly move on to another company whose website makes their online shopping experience as convenient as they think it should be. By enlisting the services of the top website designing companies you can rest assured that nothing like that happens to you. For the cutting edge website designing companies will provide you with premier web design technologies.


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