Skygate Media and Weld.com Phase II in Progress

Approaching Weld.com Phase II

If you want to captivate your target audience, you’ll need a fully functional website.

Web visitors are more likely to remain on a website long enough to make an informed decision when it’s well built.

Weld.com is a perfect example of a fully functional website that’s currently in Phase II of the web development process.

Weld.com’s high end web design features includes:

Apples to Apples™ Product Comparison and Consumer Reviews

This portion of the website helps visitors make an informed decision by get rid of sales fluff from an array of products in the welding industry. This also streamlines and organizes raw technical specifications of major industrial brands. Visitors can rate welding machines on the website through the 5-star rating system.

Weekend Warriors™ Forum

This section of the site is dedicated to the Weekend Warriors (also referred to as the “do-it-yourselfers”). It functions as a social networking site that allows forum members to engage in new ideas, share projects and ask questions.

Guest Columnist Newsletter

Skygate Media’s top CMS developer created a newsletter for Weld.com. This newsletter is virtually maintenance free – thanks to our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). Visitors can instantly subscribe to Weld.com’s newsletter and receive email newsletter blasts. With CMS, you can edit newsletter articles, videos, images and update content as often as you desire.

Stay tuned for an upcoming launch date.

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Many thanks. Many compliments from the people looking our new website. You’re the best.

Wayne M., Owner

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