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How we did it:

Basically the need was there to set up a killer workstation as well as be on the move.  The solution we came to the table with runs from the displayport connection on the laptop using a displayport connector from the laptop to a DVI-D connected to a Bizlink external graphics card adapter (USB power sourced from the monitor) to the 2560X1600 Dell 3007WFP.

The other two monitors run similarly in that they are running off of a Sabrent USB-3DVI external graphics card USB 3.0 connection to the laptop and then DVI-D to the monitor.

All makes for a kick ass solution for our guys to run 3DS Max and full resolution as well as Photoshop not to mention gaming however it has come to our attention that we should have our eyeballs fixated on the 680MX if we really want to get hairy.

The Crazy Connection Town


2 @ 1680X1050 – Sabrent usb3.0 – USB–3DVI http://www.sabrent.com/category/display-adapters/USB-3DVI/

1 @ 2560X1600 – Bizlink – display port to DVI-D  http://www.bizlinktech.com/displayport.html

Laptop Samsung Series 7

2 USB3.0





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WOW.  I must say, I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your work!  I am glad I decided to go with your company on this.  Its looking very good.


Nicolas T., Entrepreneur

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