How to Stay on Top of SEO Trends & Changes

Googles Algorithm Update Rewards Quality Content

You may have heard that google has modified what constitutes a successful SEO strategy. The best marketing firms are one step ahead of these changes and have already been pushing for quality content that grows organically and through social channels. Other businesses may be slower to transition and begin to notice a drop in ranking. Since total reliance on keywords and links will not guarantee a highly ranked site, what are the solutions for the average business and how does that impact the web solutions we offer our clients?
For starters, a website developer must consider these changes in their design concepts to allow for featured areas with regard to blogs and articles. These new guidelines are designed to reward quality and penalize web spamming so even though it may seem like more work, the reality is try and create content with more “nutrition.” The bottom line is that if visitors to a site are given useful information as opposed to weak content strung together by an over-use of keywords, they will be more likely to return to the site and share posts. When quality is rewarded by a search engine, it leads to a better experience for users of that search engine.
With SEO web design, we sometimes walk a fine line to balance design, functionality and the desire for a high ranking. It is important to stay informed and bend with the wind, but it is not necessary to drastically change your business model with each Google algorithm update. Determine which changes are feasible in the short term and the long term. Skygate Media is here to address your questions and concerns regarding this latest SEO news. Feel free to contact us.


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