Teaming Up with UNICEF


One of our favorite parts of the job is getting out of the office to go visit clients.  This is especially true on a beautiful day in New York City.  A lot of what we do is based on corporate website re-design and e-commerce so we are accustomed to meeting with clients in large conference rooms and immersing ourselves in their industry to gain a competitive advantage.  Working with non-profits like UNICEF, however,  involves a different sort of learning that really appeals to our hearts.  Yesterday, a couple of our team members in NYC visited the UNICEF building to discuss some of the details for a non-profit web design project.  Skygate Media is very excited to be a part of their online representation for their critical work with children’s education and peace building initiatives.

Visiting the UNICEF building

Walking through the lobby at UNICEF is an education in and of itself.  There was a lot of important data about the children of our world that was both sobering and enlightening.  Understanding the value and importance of children’s literacy is the focus of this current project and we cannot wait to dive in and put our skills towards such a worthy cause.  Channeling our talents in web design and online marketing for something our firm believes in very strongly is a great feeling.

Our goal is to have some exciting results to share in July.  In the meantime, please consider visiting the UNICEF site and learning how you might be able to play a role in the amazing work they do: www.unicef.org

the lobby at UNICE


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We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, advice, dedication, and patience – not to mention design talent and programming expertise

Joseph M., CEO

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